Kanata Financial

Canada's Newest Indigenous Financial Services Company


Kanata Financial is an Indigenous-owned Financial Services company that works with First Nations and First Nation organizations to develop and deliver customized financial service products with a respectful understanding to the unique challenges of our under-served clients.

Kanata Financial assists Indigenous people in two products specifically developed for the First Nations and Metis market in Canada:

1) Registered Education Savings Plan (RESPs)

2) Electronic Transfer of Funds (cheque replacement)

Kanata Financial Core Values are:

  • To bring contemporary banking and financial services to the oft ignored Canadian Aboriginal market;
  • To help Aboriginal groups efficiently offer their members more secure, more accessible and more cost effective payment processing services to better serve their membership;
  • To hire Aboriginal employees on all levels of Kanata Financial’s operations including administration, sales and the executive levels;
  • To promote ancillary financial services to the Aboriginal groups at Kanata Financials cost. Examples include the RESP program which will inject considerable amounts of education funds into the First Nation education funding pool;
  • To comply with all Financial regulations and covenants of each respective Province, the Federal Government and DC Bank;
  • To proactively manage the banking portfolio to identify potential issues, best practices and referrals;
  • To respect Aboriginal values of each community or organization;
  • To provide employees constant and regulated training as it relates to the financial markets and compliance issues;

Kanata Financial has a continuous improvement strategy it employs in other business lines. The continuous improvement strategy has been audited and accepted by Enbridge Pipeline Services among others.